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WNO Preparatory Commission Makes Significant Progress in 2012

The foundation of the WNO has made significant progress in the past year. The main focus was placed on the elaboration and publication of the WNO treaty as well as on the application criteria for the host country.

WNO Preparatory Commission Makes Significant Progress in 2012

WNO Preparatory Commission Makes Significant Progress in 2012

Geneva.– The Preparatory Commission for the World Nature Organization has made significant progress in regard to the setup of organizational structures, the preparatory measures for the founding conference and the tendering process for the host country 2012. The Commission has thereby laid a firm foundation for the organization’s establishment. It is pleased about the fact that an overwhelming majority of states support the concept of founding an inter-governmental organization for environmental protection and nature conservancy and that these states also pledged their support and prospective membership. This was the reason why the Commission was able to deepen existing relationships in the last year and also form new relationships to many other states.

In June of 2012 the Commission reached another milestone when it presented the WNO-Treaty. This treaty is the contractual basis under international law for founding the World Nature Organization. A copy of the contract was provided to the governments for examination.

Significant progress was also achieved in regard to the founding conference. The first applications have already been received by the Preparatory Commission of the World Nature Organization, convincing commission members that the conference can be carried out with great international success. However, the Commission points out that it is still possible to apply for the conference venue and the WNO host country. The Commission has determined the selection criteria for choosing the founding conference venue, which interested governments may request from the Commission. The foundation was already laid previously for the selection criteria of the host country.

The Preparatory Commission was also able to work out some items for the prospective work program of the WNO, which were coordinated in close cooperation with future member states.

In terms of the Commission’s mandate, the task of the Word Nature Organization is to bridge the divide between economic interests and sustainable development. Environmental- and developmental goals are not to be merely set down on paper but the rejection of production methods that include high greenhouse gas emissions and the consumption of non-renewable resources is to be made possible without adversely affecting the economic growth in prospective member states.