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About WNO

The World Nature Organization (WNO) is dedicated to the protection of the environment at international level. Its main focus is on energy efficiency, climate protection, sustainable development and a sustainable energy supply. As a platform, the WNO tries to build bridges between business interests as well as development and environmental protection while, at the same time, making the economic value of nature apparent.

According to experts, at least two percent of the gross domestic product should be put into green investments in order to achieve the transition to a green economy over the long-term. To achieve this, the WNO is dedicated to making an exchange of ideas – including between science and business – possible through conferences, conventions and information events.


Economic growth is threatened by ever-dwindling resources. The struggle for these will strongly influence international competition and the markets of the future. The WNO, therefore, supports the international promotion of an economy which uses energy and raw materials sparingly. Through the WNO, the benefits of green investments should be made apparent. A green economy carries technological innovations and creates new jobs.