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As a centre of competence for environmental protection, green technologies and sustainability, and as a mediator and initiator, making available experience of practical applications and strategies, offering support on all issues related to responsible conduct as regards the natural environment and its resources and assisting States to benefit from efficient development and from scientific and technology transfer, the organization shall carry out the following activities

1) For the benefit of its members, the organization will: 

a) analyze, observe and, without obligation towards the policies of its members, systemize contemporary practice and development in the area of green technologies and also projects for the sustainable protection of the environment, including: policy instruments, incentive systems, investment mechanisms, proven courses of action and available technologies, together with success and failure factors;

b) promote discussion with other governmental and non-governmental organizations and networks in the field of environmental protection and all related fields and safeguard cooperation with them;

c) improve relevant scientific and technological transfer and promote development of capacities and environmental competence in situ in the member states;

d) support members in establishing green economies, by training, education and transfer of knowledge;

e) advise and encourage members in their requests for financing of sustainable projects and support them within the parameters of its financial means;

f) support research and stimulate scientific work, as well as supporting research networks;

g) grant its members pertinent advice and support for their requests;

h) encourage exchanges among members and international discussions on sustainable conduct as regards the natural environment;

i) inform about the development of national and international endeavors and projects;

j) inform the public about environmental problems, in particular those of the global environment, and in this way promote public debate, awareness and ecological sensibility for citizens, the economy and state departments;

k) promote synergies between the members, scientific institutions and governmental and non-governmental organizations.

2) In the performance of its activities:

a) the organization shall act in accordance with the aims and principles of the United Nations for the promotion of peace and international cooperation;

b) the organization shall use its assets in such a way that their economic application to this end is secured, that all its aims can be pursued appropriately and its activities can be carried out, to achieve the greatest possible benefit for its members and in all parts of the world, taking account of the particular needs of the emerging nations and remote and isolated regions and islands;

c) the organization shall work closely with existing establishments and organizations and shall endeavor to bring about mutually beneficial relationships , in order to avoid unnecessary duplication of effort;

d) the organization shall pay heed to the resources and current measures of governments and of other organizations; and

e) shall inform its members about its activity in the form of an annual Activity Report and shall inform them about cooperation between the members and other organizations.