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Climate Change

Global warming has become one of the most complicated issues facing world leaders today. The scientific community continues to warn of the impact climate change will have on the Earth’s ecosystems, weather and wildlife, and an increasing amount of research details the dangers of continued emission of greenhouse gases by human activities.


Global Warming

The Earth’s average temperatures are rising and already causing significant changes around the globe. The impact can be potentially devastating.


Causes of Global Warming

Several greenhouse gases emitted by humans in different ways are responsible for global warming and climate change.


Effects of Global Warming

The effects of global warming can currently be observed across the globe. The world’s average temperature has risen by 0.8 degrees Celsius.


Climate Change History

The greenhouse analogy was first used by physicist Jean Baptiste Fourier in 1827, long before the general population was concerned about global warming.


Rising Sea Levels

The climate change has had a significant change on the planet’s environment, including rising sea levels.


Act on CO2

Global warming caused by human activities is one of the most serious threats to our planet’s future.