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The Preparatory Commission for the World Nature Organization (WNO) was constructed in 2011 and is mandated by the states that are already today affected by the impact of climate change. The commission is responsible for the development of the WNO treaty as well as for the inception of this treaty and the achievement of its general validity. Furthermore, the commission has the task of convincing other states of the idea and necessity of the WNO.

The Preparatory Commission consists of the executive committee and the provisional technical office. Additionally, the commission is supported by an advisory board. The executive committee consists of 12 members, who are supported by international experts and analysts as well as by the advisory board. The Preparatory Commission can take all necessary measures in order to make an effective and quick foundation of the future organization possible.


The commission was mandated with the objective to create the necessary preparation for the effective implementation of the structures of the future WNO, as well as for the foundation conference and to organize the first session after the foundation of the organization. The costs for the activities of the preparatory commission, as well as for the activities of the office, will be taken on by voluntary financial contributions.

Due to global warming and the negative impacts of climate change on particular countries, the foundation of the WNO is a time sensitive initiative in which no time should be lost. Therefore, the preparatory commission is mandated at a very early phase. Nonetheless, the initiative will help carry the expectations of future signatories during the foundation phase.