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States which do not cause global warming are often among the first to feel it. Such states argued for the establishment of an intergovernmental organization and expressed their overall support for the founding.

The WNO initiative was born in 2010 by states which are threatened by rising sea levels and increasing droughts. The Preparatory Commission’s mandate is to prepare the establishment of the WNO, plan the first conference, plan the structure of the organization and to work out the statute of the WNO.

As the institutional body, the Preparatory Commission was mandated in 2011 to take all possible measures to ensure the rapid and effective establishment of the intergovernmental organization. It initiates several activities and plays a key role in preparing the institutional structure as well as the treaty for the new agency.

The WNO Treaty was released in July 2012. The World Nature Organization shall become the very first intergovernmental organization dedicated to worldwide environmental protection on a global scale.

Invitations have now been sent to key international figures, inviting them to participate and support the founding of the organization. Additionally, the first World Nature Conference shall invite all countries to support the initiative.

The host country for the WNO has not yet been determined; every state can apply for the seat of the organization. The Commission expects that most states will join and support the organization.