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Membership of Governments

In an effort to promote an international collaboration and exchange, the WNO membership is open to all countries. The WNO is intended to be a platform to bring visibility to advancements in the “Green Economy” segment and suggest possibilities for a sustainable economic and commercial thought process. “Join us at the Green Table” is the motto to conduct the international exchange. The WNO-Treaty was prepared by the Preparatory Commssion and was opened for signature in Geneva on November 1, 2013.

Article 5 of the WNO-Treaty

1)     Membership is open to all states and intergovernmental organizations which are willing and able to act in agreement with the aims and activities underlying this treaty. These states and intergovernmental organizations are:

a)      founder members of the organization, on signature of this treaty until the treaty enters into force;

b)     further members of the organization, on signature of this treaty and after their request for membership has been approved.

2)     A request for membership is deemed to be approved if no objection has been raised 60 days after the request has been communicated to the members. In the event that objections are raised, the Secretariat shall examine the objection and make a decision on the request, or shall entrust examination of the decision on a request for membership to the assembly.