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NGO Branch

WNO services non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in consultative status with the World Nature Organization (WNO). Non-governmental organizations that have the capability to make a substantial contribution to the work of WNO may be granted consultative status for a global exchange of thought processes on an international level.

WNO operates in collaboration with NGO’s in the environmental – as well as nature conservation and renewable energies sectors in an effort to establish mutual campaigns, concepts and informational events for the promotion of global and sustainable development to make current discoveries and information accessible to as many decision makers as possible.

The publication entitled “Non-Governmental Organizations and  the WNO“, also known as the “Green Book”, is updated on a regular basis by the Protocol of the World Nature Organization at Geneva with the kind cooperation of the permanent missions and permanent observer offices.

How to Apply for Consultative Status with the World Nature Organization?

  • Application letter to the WNO-Secretariat
  • Application Form
  • Organization Profile
  • Copy of constitution/charter and/or statutes/by-laws and amendments to those documents
  • Copy or certificate of registration. Please provide a copy of the registration paper or, if your country does not require registration, please provide other proof of existence
  • Certificate of Nonprofit Status (if applicable)
  • Copy of most recent financial statement and annual report
  • Optional: Copy of examples of your publications and recent articles or statements.
  • Optional: Organization chart (if available)

Please download and complete the