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The WNO has declared it as its task, to protect climate, air, water, earth and biological diversity and to still support economic development, which is in the interest of every country. Nevertheless, the WNO is anxious to promote a transition to environmentally friendly, low-carbon and resource-efficient, greener economies.

Environmental protection does not have to drive costs up and brake growth, contrary to the dominant clichés.  It also harbors potential: Millions of people are now engaged in the environmental sector. Climate protection goals, renewable energy and the goal of reducing carbon emissions can also create jobs. The economies can become increasingly ‘greener’.

But, the transition to a globally green economy is not easy to realize. The goal of the WNO is to support countries in the development of a nature-friendly, energy and raw materials-efficient economy through conferences, research and experts. The use of natural resources and scarce raw material appears to not be a problem at the moment for many countries; however, it is certainly a problem for the future. The global environmental problems, such as climate change, the soil degradation or the loss of biological diversity will become more pronounced.

In addition, there are numerous projects which should be taken up which are independent of economic aspects. The worldwide trash problem, above all, the pollution of the oceans, are on the WNO’s agenda. Every EU citizen uses an annual average of, for example, 500 plastic bags which add to the global trash problem. The WNO supports a ban on plastic bags. That is one of many examples which illustrate the promotion of changing consumer patterns.

Production means and consumer patterns should be thought through — also the responsibility towards future generations. Sustainable development is the key word here. Climate change, loss of biological diversity, overfishing and ocean acidification, water scarcity in some regions: All that and numerous other environmental crises are on the WNO’s agenda.