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The Preparatory Commission for the World Nature Organization was mandated in 2011 to take all possible measures to ensure the rapid and effective establishment of the intergovernmental organization. It initiates several activities and plays a key role in preparing the institutional structure, as well as the treaty for the new agency. The first draft of the WNO treaty was released in July 2012, the final treaty was opened for signature in November 2013.

Due to the fact that the organization must be fully operational when the treaty enters into force, the involved states decided that it was necessary to establish a Preparatory Commission to lay the groundwork. The Preparatory Commission for the World Nature Organization was established for the purpose of carrying out the necessary preparations for the effective implementation of the WNO treaty.

The WNO initiative was born in 2010 inter alia by emerging and developing countries, which are threatened by rising sea levels and increasing droughts. The Preparatory Commission’s mandate is to prepare the establishment of the WNO, to plan the first conference, plan the structure of the organization and to work out the statute of the WNO. The World Nature Organization shall become the very first intergovernmental organization dedicated on a global scale to worldwide environmental protection.

According to the idea of the foundation of the World Nature Organization, global environmental problems need a holistic approach instead of tackling them piecemeal. Poverty, diseases, environmental pollution and climate change are so intertwined that it is difficult to address one without addressing the other problems.