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The Preparatory Commission consists of two main organs:

  • The Preparatory Board
  • The Provisional Technical Secretariat

The Preparatory Board is assisted by a working group. An advisory group/board is set up in 2013. This small group of experts advises the commission on budgetary and programmatic matters. The advisory group consists of experts from states’ signatories and experts from other countries. The commission chooses the members of the board from all regions of the world, for their knowledge and experience in the field of environmental protection.

The main function of the Secretariat is to assist the Preparatory Commission in the establishment of the World Nature Organization. The staff is multinational in composition.

In accordance with the Commission on 02/05/2013 (PC-013/02/0501), an advisory board will be established to support the Commission in the foundation of the WNO. After the implementation of the WNO Treaty, the board supports the secretariat and the board of the WNO with programming concerns. The members of the advisory board are comprised of representatives of the future member states and will be named by the Commission.