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The World Nature Organization envisions humanity appreciating the value of nature and states continuing to develop their economies in an environmentally just manner. The WNO dreams of a world in which states, governments, companies and every individual is engaged in the protection of water, soil, oceans, mountains and trees. The WNO envisions a humanity which gives nature a voice and values it as an all-encompassing basis of life.

Until now, the economic value of nature has been unrecognized. Nature and its resources contribute directly to economic development as well as to wealth. Natural resources are the best example of this. However, agriculture also makes clear the value of nature, soil, water and the climate.

Despite this, the prevailing idea is that the multi-dimensional network of our planet is turned into a one-dimensional commodity, which only one side profits from.

It is therefore important that the value of nature is strengthened and is recognized as a multi-dimensional network. Oil, diamonds and gold all originate from mother earth. Instead of cherishing the value of nature, a million tons of plastic are fabricated from petroleum. The global recycling rate is extremely low, and an unimaginable amount of disposable products end up in the ocean. It is estimated that, worldwide, around 675 tons of trash are thrown directly into the ocean every hour, and half of this is plastic.