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Although 70 percent of the planet is covered with water, only one percent of that water is fresh and suitable for drinking. Since 1900, water use has increased at more than two times the rate of the population. The quality of water is declining due to the rise of urbanization, population growth, industrial production, climate change and other factors. The resulting water pollution is a serious threat to the well-being of both the Earth and its population.

Water Protection

The importance of water cannot be understated. It sustains life, powers industries, irrigates fields and is an essential component to many environmental processes.


Water Scarcity

Water scarcity is one of the greatest problems faced by the 21st century world. Over one billion people live in water-scarce areas.


Water Pollution

Water is essential to all aspects of human life, including community health, food production, economic vitality and ecosystem biodiversity.



Clean freshwater is an essential component to prosperous communities and healthy lives.