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World Nature Conference

The WNO is currently preparing for the first World Nature Conference, joined by government representatives, scientists and experts of industrial and developing countries. The following lectures and presentations are planned at the two-day conference:

  • the consequences and impact of climatic change on economy, politics and society;
  • renewable energy, environment protections and climate policy;
  • environmental protection through innovation: renewable energy, biodiversity and sustainable development.

World Nature Conference Expectations:

  • The provision of an appropriate conference locality for 150 – 300 participants including the necessary technology, security personnel and simultaneous interpreters for up to three languages (2 days), as well as the assumption of the catering and the planning and realization of the supporting programme;
  • Simple and non-bureaucratic issuing of entry visas for governmental representatives, employees of the Preparatory Commission and guest speakers;
  • Personnel support for the commission during the organization and realization of the conference;
  • Assumption of the travel and accommodation expenses for the participating employees of the commission;
  • Assumption of the fees and travel expenses for the guest speakers.

Optional Possibilities and Criteria:

  • The host government has the opportunity to present the country and its own projects, in the area of environmental protection, renewable energies and climatic change, within the scope of the supporting programme.
  • The host government receives extensive speaking time for the representatives of the government, the ministries involved, national research facilities or NGOs, in order to present ideas, projects, concepts and plans to the conference participants.
  • The Secretariat would welcome it if the host government would warrant membership of the Committee.